Spree Women Working web


Empowering: Imagine watching a woman who for the first time in her life is handed cash in payment for her labor.  We’ve seen seen sel
f-esteem soar when the work/reward link is made.
Equipping: Training and all supplies are provided for the woman; their only commitment is to crochet a quality product for which they are fairly paid. Since many of these woman are not literate, they overcome incredible barriers to learning in order to become a “Spree Woman”.

Changing Their World: In Kager, many kids don’t go to school because their parents can’t pay their school fees, no matter how small.  Especially in times of famine, food becomes scarce and illness thrives. Money earned simply by crocheting a hat makes a world of difference in the lives not only of these woman, but throughout the village. Kids are being educated, families are being fed, and self-esteem and self-efficacy of the village women are soared.

The Vision: The values of Jubilee Spree are to provide quality products at a fair price. In order to accomplish this, we are conservative in adding new products. New, unique itemizer being created now for release in Spring, 2013.  Please watch this website often for new additions! And if there is an item you believe would be successfully made through Spree, please let us know. We love your feedback and suggestions!

All proceeds go directly to the woman and non-profit programs!

Thanks for visiting Jubilee Spree. Our hope is that you realize the positive impact you are making through support of Spree. We invite your comments and welcome your participation in this global project.