HazelDellandWebhandscrochetcopyJubilee Spree is a faith-based initiative which began in 2012.   Spree was intended to empower the poor women and girls in Kager, Kenya by teaching them basic skills and providing resources to earn an ongoing income.  We began making crocheted hats, with a goal of creating quality, unique products which would be attractive to the American consumer.  We then decided it was important that each and every crocheted hat needed to have a unique character.  To accomplish this, we invited friends, church groups, Girl Scout troops —- anyone within our scope of influence — to come help us embellish the hats which we had carried back from Kenya.  Then a really wonderful thing happened!  Jubilee Spree is a faith-based initiative, but we never push our beliefs on our volunteers.  We simply take the opportunity to answer the questions which invariably come up during embellishing sessions about why we do this.  We tell it like it is: It’s just that simple – for the love of Christ, and to His glory. We’ve witnessed hearts softening as we chatted and stitched, and questions arising which we’re delighted to answer.  Our testimonies are tender, and we love to share as we are asked.  Did we have any idea that Jubilee Spree would turn into a ministry on both sides of the globe?  No!  God had other plans, and we’re just trying to keep up with Him.  We’re all volunteers – if you’re anywhere near Indianapolis, we’d love to have you join our sessions.  Just call Linn at 317.490.7239 for details.